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Following a recent family bereavement, we had to produce a printed order of service for the funeral. It's quite a straightforward task, but it's important to get it right. The church helped with the content - the order of service, the readings and hymns. We had samples of other orders of services and knew what we wanted to include and how we wanted it to look.

The tricky part, we found, was getting the layout right so that it would print out well and look good. We searched for templates online. What we found was either not suitable or it was costly, so we started from scratch. After some trial and error (and help from my family computer expert!) we produced something that we and others were pleased with.

With this site, I would simply like to share templates to make it easier for others to produce a simple and elegant order of service. I also pass on tips and advice I learned from the process. Organizing a funeral can be an expensive business. These free templates are intended to help you avoid yet further expense and hassle. 

I hope they do!

"one of the nicest orders of service I've seen"


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